We remove all sorts of dents, which arose not only due to mechanical failure but also because of hailstorm, a fall of chestnuts and many other reasons.

The technique we use doesn’t damage the varnish, so it’s a great advantage in repairing bodies of the new cars as well as the old ones. Let’s not forget about the antique cars, where the original varnishing is one of the most important features.

Our method is based on pushing out the dent from the inner side of the car. It’s not always necessary to take off the upholstery.
To do the job we use specialist rods of various shapes, sizes and thickness. The work is very precise and gives 100% quality. Comparing to other companies, our time of the repair is very short. In all fairness, which painter can fix a door, a fender or a different part of the body in few hours or even less!!!

There are places in the car beyond the reach of our rods, such as pillars or steps. We can fix it as well, however that’s magic. These are the secrets we simply cannot reveal.

We have a long-term experience, which we acquired while carrying out orders all over Poland as well as abroad.
If you have a dent that’s wrecking your head, no worries, we’ll take care of it.

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